A quick trip to Switzerland

They say the course of true love never did run smoothly, well safe to say nor does a quick trip to Bern. From a grounded plan to leaving sterilized bottles at home and several poorly timed poonamis our trip to Switzerland was magical if not a slightly doomed trip.

Friday morning, we packed up our suitcase, one of the many things I have learnt since travelling with Nora is that putting luggage in the old is a necessity even if it is just for a weekend trip, because that girl has so much stuff!! Anyway, then we had a bit of a kerfuffle with some forgotten bottles which involved Yvo making a quick dash home. The best thing about city airport is just how efficient it is.  This meant that actually we weren’t late for the flight despite Yvo having to run home. We flew with Skywork who were absolutely lovely, even when the flight was grounded in Basel, the flight attendant you could tell she was genuinely mortified and really tried to help.

However we did eventually make it to Bern, via a coach and during Friday night rush hour, talk about fun! By the time we got there on Friday it was pretty late and we had one over tired baby and serious rumbling stomachs so we checked into our hotel, we stayed in Hotel Metropole which was everything we could of ever needed in a hotel. At the more reasonable end of the hotel price spectrum (because Switzerland is basically anything but reasonable), the hotel provided Nora with her own cot and Yvo and I had a huge bed with individual duvets which we have very different opinions on. The hotel was centrally located which meant just after we checked in we found a beautiful Italian restaurant that I had seen recommended on TripAdvisor for our dinner! And then we went to bed at about 10.30 (9.30) UK time because we are rock’n’roll.

Saturday morning we woke up nice and early thanks to our human alarm clock aka Nora and we had breakfast in the hotel. The first place we headed to was Gurten, which is the mountain which basically overlooks Bern, Nora and I took the cable car, cos ya know ice and buggy are never going to be a great mix, whilst Yvo did the 45 minute hike. If you are heading over to Bern I would definitely recommend going up the mountain, because basically the view is pretty increds and secondly there’s a couple of really nice restaurants up there.

After our little escapade up the mountain we decided to be a lot less adventurous and take a walk around the old town, we headed towards the bear pit which is literally a massive pit where some bears live because it’s the national animal (…I think). Unfortunately for us the bears were in hibernation so we just watched them sleep on a webcam (which reminded me a bit of watching Nora on a baby monitor). So we went back into town and accidentally got caught up in this massive carnival with brass bands EVERYWHERE. A crazily colourful and noisy affair so we took Nora and her little ears a bit further away!

Bern is a truly beautiful place and the Swiss are just super chilled people (apart from when it comes to playing brass instruments). So it is the perfect family weekend city break. The rest of the weekend we spent exploring the city, we visited Einstein’s first flat (did you know he married his cousin and couldn’t get a job?! Fascinating stuff). However due to the weather being a bit crap we spent a lot of time exploring cafe’s and restaurants as well as museums. Nora also decided that this would be the trip where she just did massive poos at the most inconvenient times, hello airplane poo (twice)!

If you’re looking for a nice easy family trip I definitely recommend going to Bern. The flight is under 2 hours and the city is so friendly its the perfect break.
I would love to know your recommendations for city breaks as I’m already planning our next adventure.

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