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10 Reasons why you should go travelling as a family

Isn’t travel the greatest? It is one my greatest achievements in life travelling solo around South East Asia and only ending up in the hospital once (minor dog bite, but I’m still alive). Travelling showed me that I can be independent that I don’t need to rely on anyone else and I am surprisingly self sufficient. The world is a beautiful place and it is so easy to get bogged down with everyday issues that we forget about these things. Sometimes the best thing you can do for you and your family is to pack up and take a break and go and see the world.

1.Ultimate family time

Going away as a family gives you a mega chance to spend time with your family. It allows you to catch up on those little things you may have missed and spend some well deserved quality time. 

2.Memories. Memories. Memories

When you look back on your life, you’re not going to remember those sleepless nights when the teeth were coming through or when you had a really shitty day. The best memories are those when you do something completely different and brand new as a family. When you’re off exploring new places. Plus holiday snaps make for great instgram shots!

3.Disconnecting from the rest of the world.

I am addicted to my phone. And this is something I really am worried about, I do worry that Nora will grow up thinking I love my phone more than her. Going away means you can completely switch off and detach from the world. Go somewhere WiFi is patchy and your cellular network isn’t great. Embrace the silence and the family time. 

4.A different kind of Education

School is important. I’m not suggesting you take your child out of school and travel for the rest of your lives. Although if you can do that, I applaud you and am crazy jealous of your life. Can Nora and I come in your backpacks?

5.Embracing Diversity

Teaching kids that difference is good is such a crucial lesson. And there is no greater way to learn about diversity than through travelling. Taking your kids abroad allows kids to see the difference in the world rather than always looking for others like them.

6.The importance of different cultures

I think travelling allows parents to teach their children that not everything and everyone is the same. And actually the world would be a very boring place if everyone did have the same culture. Going around the world as a family will allow you to show your children that the world is full colour and cultures and we should want to embrace and understand everyone’s cultures.

7.Instilling the need for adventure

Yvo and I met when we were both travelling round Asia. I want Nora to grow up  wanting to see the world and wanting to go on her own adventures. I think travelling allows parents to show children that although bad things happen, the world isn’t a scary place it’s a bloody beautiful place that should be enjoyed and admired for what it is. 

8.Understanding the importance of compassion

We are so lucky. And I think it is so important that Nora grows up knowing that she is truly blessed and lucky. Travelling around the world allows kids to understand how lucky they are and that there are those that are far less fortunate than us. I think teaching kids compassion is a lesson definitely best learnt outside of the classroom.

9. Trying to comprehend just how big the world really is

They say the world is getting smaller, but the truth is the world is a pretty huge place and there are so many different experiences to be had. Whether it’s exploring the worlds most amazing cities or heading to some of the most secluded regions. There is so much to explore and understand about the world that going and seeing this as a family can be amazing. 

10. Seeing how incredible the world really is

There is nothing more beautiful that white sands and crystal blue sees. Similarly there is nothing more crazy than standing in the middle of city and watching the world go by. The world is a truly incredible place and being able to share these moments with your family is a truly incredible experience.

So there you have it 10 reasons why you and your family should pack up and take a break. Go and explore the world together, get a backpack (or probably a suitcase now your a parent) and explore. Also it’s probably more the hotel life than the hostel life these days. I don’t quite trust Nora is a bunk bed just yet. Although to be honest I don’t really trust myself after falling out of a top bunk after the full moon party in Thailand.
On that note I’m going to start prepping for our trip to Switzerland on Friday. 

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