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Parenting By Numbers

Forget worrying about your abc’s, it’s the 123’s you should be thinking about. But not for your baby but for you. I’m no longer colouring by numbers but parenting by numbers. Anyway, here is where we’re at so far.*

6 – The number of arms you wish you had at all times, when you’re attempting to multi task and on your mission to become super Mum.

4 – hours of sleep you’ll learn to become fully functioning on.

2 – opinions that truly matter when it comes to raising your baby. That’s yours and your partners.

177 – times a day you’ll wonder if you’re doing a good job. You are, I promise.

8 – cups of coffee you’ll need to feel human throughout the day.

136 – nappies come in a Pampers jumbo pack, it still never seems enough.

20000 –  onesies you’ll feel like you own but you still feel like you don’t have enough.

50 – breasts pads in a pack. Sounds like a lot, it’ll last you a few days.

1 – you’ll wash your hair every week and you’ll find it completely acceptable

100 –  slices of cake you’ll eat whilst on maternity leave

15 – photos you’ll take of your baby everyday

1 – glass (bottle) of wine at the end of the day makes everything ok

20 – minutes, the average amount of a cap nap and enough time to maybe get a load of washing on

6 – the amount of dummies you start out with, but you end up with about 2

24 – times a day you’ll think about how lucky you are, and although sometimes you might want to pull your hair out. You’re actually pretty darn lucky.

*These figures are no where near accurate and just figments of my wild imagination. 


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