The best home accessories to ‘Scandi’ up your house

I like 99.9% of the blogging population am obsessed with Scandinavian decor. I love that everything looks simple with clean lines. Whenever you walk into a home that follows a pretty Scandi theme you feel pretty calm about the whole situation but the home doesn’t feel cold you walk in feeling homely but also so modernist and sophisticated it’s amazing. Anyway as I may have mentioned about 22 billion times, Yvo and I are redecorating and this is filling me up with all sorts of happiness because I just spend my time at home browsing Att Pynta and John Lewis for the perfect home accessories and furniture that you can imagine.

However, we’ve got one crucial difference between now and when we first decorated our home, we now have Nora. And everyone keeps telling me that’ll she be walking and crawling soon so everything has to be baby friendly. Boo Hoo! However I do understand this is very important. Anyway here is my round up of the best Scandi accessories on the market right now. Also just a bit of warning, I am an absolute sucker of copper and anything shiny (don’t say I didn’t warn you). Also I’m aware that these are completely child friendly, but we can save my favourites for my bedroom!

  1. Metallic glazed motives – Att Pynta £15 for 2
  2. Acctim Evo Wall Clock – John Lewis £35
  3. Curtains – H&M £12.99
  4. Mohair Cushion with Pom Poms – Nordic House £49.95
  5. Vintage zinc trunks – Nordic House (price various depending on size)
  6. Nara 2 Light Black Chrome Cylinder Floor Lamp – Next £95


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