Weaning Lessons

The truth is, we are only in the beginning phase of this weaning malarkey. So far I’ve gone to bed with mushy apple in my hair and avocado on my glasses oh and we had spinach on the wall last night (winning). Nora’s current diet is mainly based on baby porridge and some smushed up vegetables, talk about yummy. Anyway these are the super fun lessons I’ve learnt so far from our escapades.

1.Bananas rule the f’in world

I mean I can’t personally agree to this as I hate those potassium filled phallic symbols. But Nora is actually obsessed. I don’t know if it’s the sweetness of just the ease of eating, them are a definite winner!

2.No one really knows what baby led weaning actually is

Ok so it turns out that apparently we’re doing some form of combination weaning. I started by trying to fed Nora mushy fruit and veg with a spoon, but it turns out my little independent lady likes picking up the food and eating it herself. Turns out that apparently that’s baby led. Well I never, who knew!

3.So freakin’ messy

Need I say more

4.Baby rice is shit

Like what even is it? It’s not like any rice I’ve ever seen. And Nora hates it, not that I blame her.

5.Baby porridge on the other hand, food of the God’s.

Best breakfast out there. Especially with a bit of plum puree. It basically feel like a Michelin starred breakfast. (It’s not just an FYI)

6. There is no right or wrong way to wean a baby.

Do what feels right for your family. For me this involves an insane amount of bulk cooking and freezing lumpy mash in ziploc bags. 

7.Getting into a feeding routine is harder than anything else.

Oh shit, we’re out at 5.30 and I didn’t pack a dinner. I miss the days of just needing milk. Bad mother award over here!

8.Weaning can be a lot of fun

I mean apart from that time that Nora decided that spinach was food for the devil and decided to decorate the kitchen with it.

9.Weaning can also be super tricky

Some babies will eat everything and anything and will take to spoon feeding like a duck to water. And then there are some babies (ahem Nora) that like to do it themselves and have quite strong opinions on what they will and will not eat. Food is tricky.

10.Dogs really really really like peas.

Whilst I might have to persuade Nora to eat the mushy peas, I spend half my time making sure Juno doesn’t get to them first. 

So there you have it the 10 lessons that I’ve learnt so far from weaning. There are so many guidelines out there about how you should and shouldn’t wean your baby. But it is like I always say (I am a broken record), you must do what feels right for your family. You know your baby best and do what feels right for them.

I would love to know what your experiences of weaning have been like!

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