Why saying goodbye to my Beetle turned me into an emotional wreck

So Monday night, I curled up on the sofa stuffed my face with lasagna followed by chocolate both accompanied with copious amounts of white wine. Whilst this might sound like my bog standard Friday night there was a reason why I was carb loading and finding it completely acceptable to get drunk on a Monday night. So yeh, we said goodbye to Bug, my little 4 wheeled baby.

Bug (imaginative name, I know) has been with me since I was 17. She was with me when I almost failed my a-levels (I stress the almost), she was with me during those rare summer days, when I could put the roof down and pretend that I was basically Adrianna from 90210 (circa 2009 after the heavy drug use). And she even came with me to University where I somehow managed to fit a terms worth of supplies and essentials (namely clothes and alcohol, well you know girls look on fleek – is that what the kids say these days?) into my two door cutie. And when I first met Yvo I literally referred to her as my baby (oh the bloody irony).

However since the arrivals of Juno and mainly Nora, it turns out that you probably can’t find a more impractical (unless you have a smart car) family car if you tried. So whilst I may have been the Queen of car tetris when  it came to travelling up to University, times have changed almost beyond recognition it was time to change things up. And this has given me all the emotional feels.

I know you’re probably reading this and thinking I am a complete and utter wimp. I mean who cries over their first car. Erm him that would be me. I talk a lot about the person I am now since Nora was born and that’s mainly because I often forget about the person I was. And to be quite honest my bug was probably the last tangible thing I had that served as a reminder of my ‘previous’ pre-baby life. The days when I didn’t have to worry about leaving the house with adequate nappy supplies and when I wasn’t worried if everywhere had step free access.

It’s funny (in a sick and twisted way) I don’t often think about my life pre-Nora anymore. I no longer get the pangs for what could of been or worrying that I’m missing out on something. Because the truth is, I am not missing out on anything. I have a wonderful life which actually hasn’t had to change that much, we’ve been extremely successful in just adapting. Wow snaps for the Hoare/Heidemans collective over here! Not having to change my life completely is sweet sweet music to my ears, because to be honest when I found out I was having a baby it was all I was really worried about (I don’t think I really worried about the whole actual physical process of having a baby, until it was actually happening). Unfortunately there was just no wiggle room(quite literally) when it came to the Beetle. So she’s off on a new adventure, just like me I guess. It’s the SUV life for us now.

I bet you’re wondering what the actual point of this post actually was. And I have to be honest I’m not entirely sure myself. However I think there comes a point in everyone’s lives after a dramatic change when the realisation hits that life isn’t going to be exactly same anymore. And for me that realisation hit today when I said goodbye to Bug.

So I hope you forgive me for my ramblings about a car, but girl feeling all sorts of emotion over here. I’m going to go and sob into my white wine and eat all the chocolate.

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