The 6 things I only understand now I’ve had a baby

There’s that phrase, you’ll understand when you have a baby of your own. Whenever someone would say it to me I would often roll my eyes and think what a load of twaddle. Before I had Nora I was a horrible horrible person. Well maybe not that bad but when it came to parents posting endless potty training updates and posts on Facebook or tweeting about how proud they were of their baby for doing the simplest of tasks I would often send my friends puking emojis. Oh pre-baby Pru you absolute bitch and turns out complete and utter hypocrite. Anyway, having Nora has not only taught me to embrace the potty training tweets. (Although if you do tweet a picture of your child’s poo I will probably judge you and swiftly unfollow) old bitchy habits die hard. Anyway here are the six things I have learnt and now truly do understand since Nora’s arrival.

1.Complete and utter (I would do anything to keep you safe) unconditional love.

I’ve often said that I didn’t get that immediate pang of love when Nora was put in my arms after a pretty painful 24 hours of labour. However 5 months down the line (holy hell 5 months) I can truly say I am in love. There is nothing like looking at your child (especially when they’re sleeping) and knowing they are completely dependent on you. Not only does this bring out the most fierce protection instincts in you but the sense of overwhelming and all consuming love is just incredible.

I had a moment of realisation the other day of how much I really must love Nora. She had just done the biggest poo of her life and I am talking like head to toe full on poonami and I laid her on the changing table and she was so content rolling around in her own shit that I couldn’t help but laugh. Pre-baby I would of found this the most vile thing on the earth and I wouldn’t of understood how anyone could love something that could do that. However as I wiped her down and put her in a completely new outfit (RIP dungarees) I couldn’t help but smile at my little baby happy as a pig in her own shit.

2.Filling everyone’s newsfeeds/timelines and just general lives with pictures and updates of your baby.

Long gone are my promises of one photo a week, sorry but not that sorry.

3.What it feels like to be so tired your bones hurt

Babies just do not sleep. And worse of all they cannot tell you why they’re not sleeping. I can hand on heart say that I have never been as tired as I was during the first three weeks after Nora was born. I would crash in bed as soon as we’d got her to sleep. I’ve been tired before, don’t get be wrong, I would come in from a night at University at 3am and be up for work at 5.30am ready to work a 12 hour shift in the M&S cafe (being slightly drunk did help). But nothing compares to being baby tired, I’m sorry but it’s true.

4.How much your parents have done for you

I genuinely believe you cannot appreciate or understand what your parents have done or sacrificed to give you a happy childhood until you have a child of your own.

5.The importance of a good support network

They often say it takes a village to raise a child and whilst I’m not suggesting you need every Tom, Dick and Harry to help bring up your baby. However the importance of knowing you have people around you to help you is vital. You need the one with the sound advice, the one with the wine (essential) and just the one to make you laugh. Surround yourself with loved ones. These people will keep you sane!

6.How truly disgusting babies are

Nothing in the world can prepare for you your babies first poo and that is only the beginning of what is to come! If they’re not pooing they’re more than likely puking and sometimes babies will fart so loud you can’t help but be a little bit impressed.


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