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19 things all parents need to remember at all times

So every baby is different, just like every parent is different, but there are just some experiences that are just so damn universal that I think we just need to share. Sometimes I find we can be unnecessarily hard on ourselves and think we’re doing a bad job when in reality we’re doing a bloody fantastic job. Anyway here are 19 things we should remember at all times! (Well try and remember on top of the gazillion other things we have to remember as parents).

1. If we’re being totally honest, no one knows what the fuck they’re actually doing.

Bit of pot luck parenting anyone?!

2.Every baby is so different, stop comparing yourself with everyone and their baby. Stop it right now.

We end up all feeling like shit for no good reason.

3.You and your partner know your baby best.

Don’t listen to that woman on the street telling you your baby is probably just hungry. You. Know. Best.

4. You will get to sleep again.

One sweet sweet day.

5.Don’t forget your other half.

The odd date night can go a long way. Also don’t under estimate the power of the dine in for two!

6.Don’t listen to Gina Ford.

Well unless you want to, then go ahead!

7.Give yourself a bloody break.

Even if it’s just a bath or a walk around the block, go and do it!

8.Everyone has bad days.

It’s not just you, I promise.

9.You are doing whatever is best for your family. However divisive the issue may be, don’t let anyone tell you you’re wrong.

These are issues such as co sleeping and bottle vs breast.

10. No one has a bloody clue about weaning until they actually have to do.

Baby lead weaning is still mind blowing to me, Nora finds her rattle more interesting that a stick of broccoli.

11. Do not pressure yourself about being perfect.

If we’re being honest no one actually likes the perfect mother because she makes everyone else look bad. Just be you!

12. Beans on toast is a severely underrated meal.

Nutritious and convenient, perfect for anyone who has been up since 4.30am.

13.Surround yourselves with people you love.

They’re the ones that will be there to help you out when you’re down.

14. The first few months are incredibly tough.

But it really does get better. (Or you just get used to it, I’m not sure which).

15. Coffee is the liquid of the gods. Treat yourself to a nice blend or roast, one that you know you will enjoy drinking at 5am.

Caffeine was made for parents.

16. It is a’ok to cry.

You are doing the hardest job in the world, let those emotions out!

17. Do not underestimate the importance of a good hat.

Sometimes wearing a hat is the only way you’ll let yourself out of the house. Make a good investment or buy a selection so like me you have one for every day of the bad hair week!

18. A good walk can completely change your mood and mindset.

It is also a great way to get babies to sleep.

19. You are bloody amazing.

Pat yourself on the back and pour yourself a glass of wine. Or just put a straw in a bottle. Whatever works for you.

Mr and Mrs T Plus Three

4 thoughts on “19 things all parents need to remember at all times

  1. It’s Friday straw in a bottle for everyone! I hope you manage to both get some rest time!! We haven’t quite mastered that one ourselves yet either! And Nora’s not a big napped to start with. Wishing you lots of luck xx


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