Buggy Friendly London

Hands up if you’ve ever got off the tube and realised that there’s no lift and you actually have to make it up some stairs before you can even contemplate going up a set of escalators.* Holborn, Kennington and London Bridge I’m looking at you and just naming a couple of the worse offenders. London does not make it easy for parents with buggies/pushchairs. I am speaking from experience, Yvo and I had to carry Nora in her bugger from the jubilee line to the northern line at London Bridge, during rush hour! (Commuters do not appreciate a baby in a buggy). I’m not being over dramatic when I say it was basically a full on workout. Anyway this post is just a little snapshot into my favourite places to take Nora where the access is super! There are so many great events for children and parents in London that I think it’s important that we help each other with nifty tips and tricks!

A walk along the South bank

In case you hadn’t noticed I have mentioned walking along the South bank about 32345 times and basically in every post I have ever written. I know I go on about this walk all the bloody time and the reason is because I bloody love it. I find it so refreshing and if you’re avoiding the weekend it can even be super peaceful. Also depending on how energetic you’re feeling you can make the walk as long or as short as you like. On cold but sunny days Nora and I have been known to walk from Green Park (which is completely step free and fabulous just an FYI), all the way to London Bridge (which is semi step free, just not between the northern and jubilee lines). The south bank is such a lovely place in London and the views are top notch! You’ve got the London eye and fabulous views of parliament and big Ben if you’re into that kind of thing, but it’s also a short walk into the city of London towards Bank. I love the South Bank, I find it so vibrant and fun and if you happen to find yourself in London with a couple of hours to spare I definitely recommend! I also enjoy pointing out to everyone the hospital where Nora was born because we could see the south bank from the delivery room, (not that I particularly cared at the time tbh).

The Olympic and Victory Park, StratfordΒ 

I admit we are spoiled, I can see the Olympic park from lounge window, how cool is that! I loved 2012, I absolutely loved it when the Olympics came to London, my family and I tried to see as many events as we could because we all found it bloody fantastic. It’s been almost 4 years since the Olympics and I still love walking round the park as much as I did in 2012. Stratford station itself is huge and is super accessible for your buggy, yes the lifts are slow, but aren’t they everywhere?! The Olympic park itself is really nice and flat and it’s really nice on a lovely summers day, but if you head towards Stratford International which is on the DLR line you will find Victory park, which is just lovely! If you fancy meeting some friends for a picnic I really do recommend heading over to either of the parks. We’ve often found ourselves shopping in Stratford then giving up half way and popping to M&S for some sandwiches and some cocktail sausages and walking over to the park and spending our afternoons relaxing in the sun!


Greenwich is definitely Yvo’s favourite place in London, as soon as we have any visitors over from the Netherlands the first place he will take them is Greenwich (he will then make them ride on the Emirates airline, because to be honest he’s obsessed). But anyway, I completely agree with him when it comes to Greenwich, it is truly beautiful, it isn’t as mainstream as some places in London and has some really cute boutique stores as well as some really unique restaurants which we love going to! Greenwich park is huge! And it is probably Juno’s favourite place in London as well because of all the squirrels! Greenwich is actually on the DLR so it’s not always the most convenient for everyone however the station itself is really accessible with a lift to take you right to street level. If you’ve got a spare day in London and are looking for something a bit different Greenwich really could be the place for you, beautiful views and great places to eat and drink it’s perfect for everyone!

I would love to know your favourite places in London for taking your baby! And if you ever find yourself in London let me know what you get up to!

*I sometimes take Nora Β up and down escalators if there is no alternative I’m not advising it, but let’s be honest, needs must sometimes.

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