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9 signs that you may have lowered your standards since having a baby

Ok so this post isn’t relevant for everyone. Some women take to have a baby like a duck to water and have freshly quaffed hair on a daily basis and they never forget their pearls. If this is you, I salute you and maybe you could send me a cheeky message with your secret? But I’m hoping for at least the majority of women that having a baby brings with it a mega life shift and this sometimes means that some things take a back seat. So this is a list of just a few things that have taken a bit of a back seat since the arrival of Nora.

1.Showing every day is no longer seen as a necessity.

Babies don’t mind how much dry shampoo is in your hair. And well even if they do, they can’t actually say anything. No Nora,  I promise it’s not dandruff.

2. Going out in an un-ironed shirt is no longer seen a bad thing. In fact if you are leaving the house in ironed clothes, snaps for you! (Fancy an extra load?)

3.You struggle to find clothes that don’t have spots of dribble or throw up on them.

4. You think nothing of wearing the same clothes a couple days (a week) on the trot and giving them a quick spritz of febreeze for freshness.

Mmmmm smell that manufactured freshness. 

5.Your idea of romance no longer involves candles and rose petals. But staying up past 10pm and not falling asleep in front of a movie on the sofa.

6. You now find it completely normal to turn up to an event at least half an hour late. In fact if you make it to an event within 15 minutes of the specified time you basically consider yourself a hero.

7. Your underwear drawer which was once filled with lacy little numbers and matching sets have now been replaced by nursing bras and over the shoulder boulder holders basically as big as your head. Oh the romance.

8. Frozen vegetables. You are the underrated hero of the supermarket. Don’t get me wrong I’m not telling you to do your weekly shop in the frozen aisle of tesco. But there is so much to be said for the convience of frozen veg. I’m talking about you spinach!

9. You consider yourself pretty in the know if you’ve managed to catch the 6 o’clock news…2 weeks ago. Current affairs are a bit lost on you right now.

After reading this I’ve decided to run a bath and maybe put a bath bomb in it, I’ll even try to remember to try and shave my legs and maybe I’ll even put matching underwear on…I said maybe!

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