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10 thoughts I have on a daily basis

They say that everyday brings with it new challenges and new adventures and opportunities but ya know what? Sometimes you can’t help but have some thoughts more often than others. I would love to know what thoughts you guys have on a daily basis too.

1.Give me coffee. Where the f is the coffee?

I would say this is pretty self explanatory, any parent that is up before 6am knows the only way to get through the day is with caffeine. 

2. This top on the floor looks clean it doesn’t smell quite fresh. However this is totally why they invented febreeze.

3. At least Nora looks nice, lets be honest no one is actually looking at me.

Nora is the star of the show I can pretty much always get away with yesterdays outfit.

4.Right it’s 7am, too soon to nap?

I just can’t get enough of these 5.30am wake up calls.

5. Should we venture out today maybe go somewhere new and exciting. Although, it does look kind of cold, maybe we should just go to Sainsburys again.

Who said parent life was dull, I love a good mooch round the home ware department.

6. I cannot remember what my life was like before being a mother. Did I always find it acceptable to have this much dry shampoo in my hair?

7.That pile of washing is extremely high today. Someone really should do something about that.

I’m still waiting for my magic washing fairy to arrive.

8. Ok we’re going for a walk. Where the f did I leave the baby carrier?

Well don’t say I don’t have good intentions. 

9. Yvo is going to be home soon, let’s make it look like we achieved something today. Oh shit, what do I make for dinner out of cheese and carrots?

10. Why do dummies seem to be everywhere when we’ve got one. But no where when we need one. What. Is. Life.

I’m pretty sure our house is the Bermuda triangle for dummies I have lost count of how many packets we have bought in 4 months. 

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