Happy 2016! My reflections on 2015

Well let me start by saying happy new year! Sorry I have been mega quiet and a little MIA over the festive period but in all honesty I’ve just been embracing some mega family time and it’s be flippin’ fantastic and I have loved every moment of it. Even if I am back in London with a mega cold. I’ve had an absolute blast.

I could lie to you and say that 2015 has been a non stop barrel of laughs and filled with constant excitement and fun. But the truth is 2015 has been the hardest year yet. Becoming a parent is tough. But lets not be getting too gloomy, its also been my best year. Becoming a parent is also bloody fantastic. I thought I would do a bit of reflective post as we tumble head first into 2016. I cannot believe it’s 2016, how is that even possible?

Anyway let’s get on with this post. Going to say it before you roll your eyes but of course some of my 2015 highlights are going to be pretty darn obvious (Hello, Hi Nora).

1.Nora (Don’t say I didn’t warn you)

My own little curve ball. If you had told me in January 2015 that by Christmas I would have a baby I would have laughed in your face, probably quite rudely at that. Well they say things happen for a reason and she’s my genuine proof of that. Anyway let’s be honest how can Nora not be a highlight? She has literally turned our lives 180 degrees upside down and inside out, but you know what? We are better people for it. Some days are really tough and I often wonder how other parents cope. But those times she giggles and gives me that mischievous smile I get the warmest feels I bloody love being a parent.

2. Yvo and I got engaged (Again don’t say I didn’t warn you)

Another obvious one, sorry (but not that sorry). Yvo asked me to marry him when we went back to his home town for Sinterklass and it was better than I could ever imagined. We’re not planning anything just yet because 2016 Β is definitely year of the chill for us but it will happen but let’s just say 2017 will be a far more exciting year!

3. Juno’s adoption (I promise this is last of the obvious)

The day we met Juno back in March is became clear pretty quickly that our lives were never going to be the same again. The arrival of this sock eating, tail chasing and carrot obsessed (don’t ask) little dog definitely changed our lives. I have loved the summer evenings when we walked around Greenwich park watching Juno chase squirrels and the long Sunday walks over the rambling hills in North London. Also as a side note all this walking malarkey has done wonders for my blood pressure and resting heart rate. Woo Hoo!

4. Trips back to the Netherlands

Unfortunately 2015 saw me only going back to the Netherlands twice (Yvo went a few more times). However they are definitely two of the best events to go back to Holland for; Kingsday and Sinterklass and we had a bloody ball. I always enjoy going back to Holland, firstly because I know that Yvo loves going back home to the place where he grew up and of course seeing his family and friends. And on a selfish level I love walking round Deventer and eventually ending up in De Heks (The Witch) drinking a Hoegaarden beer. I also know that now we have Nora, Yvo parents adore having Nora come to visit, we’re already planning our next visit. If you’re ever considering going to Holland I really do recommend going for either Kingsday or Sinterklass.

5. Living in London

I love London. And lots of people will think that Yvo and I are bat shit crazy for bringing Nora up in London and sometimes I can agree with you. But you know what, Nora is growing up in one of the most amazing cities in the world. She is surrounded by history and culture and everything she could ever want is on her doorstop. And to be quite frank I bloody love jumping on the tube on a Sunday morning and going for brunch. Oh and have I mentioned how much I love a walk down the south bank.

6. Starting my blog

This blog is also another baby born in 2015. I started it because I wanted to use it as a form of therapy to talk about the emotions I was feeling becoming a parent for the first time and with only a month the prepare I think I was looking for a space where I could just air all my emotions. Little did I know what a world I was about to experience! I love sitting here after a bad day after a glass of wine feeling like the worlds worst mother reading other blog posts realising that actually I’m not that bad and I haven’t cursed Nora to a life of a failure at 5 months old! Who would of thought it!

So there you have it, 6 highlights from 2015. I have many more which include meeting so many amazing people who have impacted my life in such a positive way but I thought I better keep this short and sweet especially as I’m so behind (being the 2nd of January and all). I would love to know what your highlights of 2015 were and what you’re hoping for in 2016!

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