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7 things you learn when raising a baby and a dog

So our family started back in March with the arrival of our little rescue ball of energy aka Juno. She was an absolute whirlwind of chaos and carnage and I have no shame in saying I am sure Juno is the reason that I cannot keep the house tidy for longer than 5 minutes! Anyway when we found out we were having a baby a lot of people assumed that we would be giving Juno up, but this just wasn’t an option for us. There is no denying that sometimes having a new born baby and an 18 month old dog is tough (I mean there only so many times you can ask the dog not to lick the baby’s face). But when I see Nora watching and laughing at Juno I know we made the right decision and we’re all going to be just fine. Anyway these are seven things you learn pretty early on when it comes to raising a baby and a dog.

1.) Poo. So so much poo. If I’m not wiping Nora’s bum then we’re probably out with Juno and I’m following her round with a pooper scooper. Oh the glamour.

2.) Don’t turn away from anyone. Turn your head for one minute and you’ll find the baby’s hand inches from the dog’s mouth.

3.) Dogs loved soiled nappies. That is all.

4.) Dogs also love to lick babies. Resistance is futile.*

5.) Babies and dogs have remarkably similar body clocks. Who doesn’t love a mid afternoon nap after a long walk and hearty lunch. Am I right?

6.) Everyone wants your attention, especially when you’re trying to do something else. Forget trying to get on with dinner, everyone just wants to play.

7.) Your baby already has a BFF (Big Furry Friend) and she can’t even sit up.


*I’ve convinced myself this is not the worst thing in the world and is now helping build up Nora’s immune system.

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