My Favourite Baby Apps


Yes I am that mother, I rely on technology to keep my child entertained. Sorry! Like seriously I don’t use it all day every day, but sometimes there is no greater tool in your arsenal than your handy IPhone (other than a dummy obviously). These apps are a combination of apps to keep baby entertained and a couple that keep me informed as to what stage of development my baby is at, yes I also like to keep tabs on Nora’s development and check she’s at least on schedule (project manager habits die hard).

The wonder weeks

This app was introduced to me by one of the ladies in my NCT class who is a doctor so I believe that this is definitely a must for baby development. It has a really clever chart which illustrates when your baby might be going through a developmental leap. It tells you what signs you should be looking out for in regards to development i.e. hands in the mouth.

Fisher Price Baby TV

Yes, I put my child in front of the TV and you know what, sometimes she loves it! The fisher price baby TV isn’t like your normal TV it’s not got the teletubbies on loop, although I’m sure sometimes Nora would prefer that! The app is compatible with the fisher price baby gym, although we don’t have that I’ve built a contraption on her chair so I don’t have to sit there holding my iphone in front of Nora’s face! The app is black, white and red and has animals dancing around the screen to some very repetitive music, which might send you a little crazy towards the end.*

White Noise

Sometimes Nora just won’t settle I can do all the bouncing and singing in the world but she just won’t settle! The app has a variety of sounds and more variations of white noise than I even knew were possible. Nora is a big fan of the vacuum cleaner and sometimes I just don’t feel like getting the hoover out of the cupboard, this app is often a life saver!

Baby Sparks

As I’ve mentioned I’m all for apps that help you track your babies develop! The baby sparks app is the perfect combination of letting me know what stage my bambino should be at and in fact gives you exercises to help your baby develop.


*It definitely will send you crazy


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