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Baby Massage and Other Impossible Pursuits

So I first tried baby massage not long after Nora was born, she was having a crying fit and I was trying to calm her down. Safe to say it was a disaster! We both ended up with tears in our eyes and wishing I hadn’t even started. However this week we got the opportunity along with the ladies and babies we met in our NCT class to take part in a baby massage class.

First thing I learnt, Nora is not a fan of baby massage. As soon as I tried to lay her on the towel and put the sunflower oil on my hands the bottom lip was out and beginning to wobble. I should of known this was not going to go well.*

Anyway the session was led by Clare Pidden who runs a variety of classes including baby massage and baby yoga (yes that’s a thing) she also runs these on a Dad’s only basis too which is super cool! She was crazy organised (I miss those days), she bought the mats, towels and little bottles of oil for each Mumma and baby. She spent the first 20 minutes of the session explaining the importance of baby massage. The fact that it helps you bond with your baby, it can also really help relax them and also strengthen your babies joints and muscles. Excusing the fact that Nora didn’t like the massage and would whimper everytime I tried to follow Claire’s instructions all the other babies seemed to really enjoy the session. Especially the leg wobble (it is exactly as you’re imagining).

The massage itself took about 15 minutes and we worked from top to bottom and back to front. FYI Nora’s favourite part was getting her clothes back on *face palm*. Clare advised that after the massage it does the babies good to have a feed and then it is likely they would sleep for quite awhile. And you know what that is exactly what happened, all the babies went to sleep! The excitement in the air was silent…obviously because we didn’t want to wake the babies. They left us Mum’s to discuss really exciting things like pelvic floor exercises and the state of our lady parts. Who said Mum talk wasn’t cool.

Anyway back to the massage I cannot recommend it enough. I can totally see how it would help you bond with your baby and can totally get you into a routine. So whilst baby massage might not be Nora’s thing, it clearly worked for the others, so give it a go!

*Nora and I spent 98% of the class watching the other babies be massaged, because you know why be massaged when you can watch everyone else.

Clare runs public classes throughout London but like us you can book your own private session. ย






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