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Being more than just Mum.

I think for me, one of the hardest things about becoming a parent was the fact that I didn’t just feel like Pru anymore. I was always Pru and Nora and I didn’t really feel like ‘me’ anymore, not that I really knew what ‘me’ was to start with. What makes me, me, is not really something I gave much thought to before Nora was born, I just was and I did the things I wanted to and when I wanted to. But since going back to work I’m finally feeling more enabled, more like Pru again! Wahoo.

Anyway these are my tips for helping you feel a bit more like yourself when your world is revolving around someone else.

  1. Do something you love

I know this isn’t always easy trust me I know, but whether it’s during nap time or your lucky enough to get an early settler. Don’t worry about the state of the house, don’t worry the pile of ironing that is giving you evils from the corner of the room. Pick up a book, put on Netflix or even get out your colouring book (yes I have a colouring book). I find it really helps my mind focus and for 30/45 minutes you know what I’m not always thinking about Nora and whether she’s content, she’s sleeping of course she’s content you donut!

  1. Exercise

Ok I kind of hate myself right now for suggesting this, but it’s so true. Exercise really does help! All those bloomin endorphins dancing round your body you will feel 1000x better after some pumping or running!!

  1. Do something for you

I know it’s a lot easier said than done but if you get the opportunity. Ask your partner, ask your mum, ask a friend just to look after your little one for a little bit of time. Even if you just go for a walk it really does do the mind a whole lotta good! When Yvo gets in from work that’s his time with Nora and I take Juno for a walk. It’s not much but it’s 30 minutes when I’m not worried about Nora’s burping or worried about smelling like rotten milk!

  1. Make yourself feel pretty

Put on that outfit that you normally wouldn’t because of fear of puke or dribble or any number of bodily fluids a baby can produce. Yes, it might get a stain on it, but honestly unless you’re wearing silk (bravo by the way), then most of the time your washing machine will work wonders. Putting on an outfit you wouldn’t normally wear can give you that extra bounce in your step for sure!

  1. Go for a night out

Ok I’m not suggesting you go out and get completely fucked, well unless you want to, then sure feel free! But you know what a night out with the girls is good for the soul! A bit of girl time can do you a whole lotta good.

  1. Have a bath

I know it sounds stupid and some people really hate baths because they feel like they’re swimming in their own dirt. And in my case I’m swimming in a whole lot of dry shampoo, dog hair and baby sick. However, a 20-minute bath is totally what the Dr ordered! Light some candles if you’re feeling like you need a super chill!


I know it’s hard, you’ve got this brand new little life in your arms and they are so overwhelming it can be hard to think about anything but them. But in all honesty, happy mummy = happy baby.


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