The Essential Holiday Checklist

Before I had Nora I was many things and well a last minute packer was one of them. If I had an early morning flight, I would often wait till about 11pm the night before, till I started deciding what I needed similarly if I had a late flight to see Yvo after work I often wouldn’t start packing till the morning before I went to work.  The thing is now last minute packing just isn’t an option, so I’ve compiled this list of what I would consider an ‘essential’ holiday checklist. Depending on when you’re going you might know that you have access to certain amenities but I believe it is always better to be safe than sorry.

  • Nappies, obvious I know, but it is a necessity. Nora has a pretty sensitive bottom (one day she’ll love me for sharing that). And that means that we can’t just use any old brand, so I can never take the risk that we will be able to buy the brand her bum likes when we’re away. Therefore, it’s my advice load up on the nappies, if you’re flying and worried about weight spread it across a couple of cases I even put a fair few in my hand luggage for inflight emergencies! And if you’re going somewhere where there’s water, don’t forget the little swimmer nappies!!
  • Formula, Nora is a bottle baby, it hasn’t always been that way. But now she is and so for us powder is an essential because my milk factory has closed its doors, sorry love! On average we go through a tub a week, I know she’s a hungry baby (it even says that on the tin). Anyway, putting a whole tub of powder in one suitcase is really rather heavy so it’s my advice to split it half and half. Ziploc bags are super useful in this situation!
  • Blankets, you never know what is going to provided for you where you’re going to, so it would be my advice to at least pack a couple of blankets and maybe even a sheet if you’re really unsure. Also it provides your baby with a little bit of comfort as it smells like home.
  • Warm clothes for travelling, comfort is key when travelling for all of you. Make sure you’re both in your warmest outfits.
  • Onesies/bibs/muslins we all know that you can never have enough of these done and dusted.
  • Calpol and other useful medicines, the thing with babies you can never predict what is going to happen. Just pop a bottle of the stuff into your bag and while you’re at it you might want to bring the infacol too!
  • Nora is a big fan of hair pulling so to try and avoid this while we’re travelling I find it best to try and find things to distract her. Namely rattles and teething toys. Also the baby TV app on my phone works a treat!

Of course you probably need a lot or others things to keep you and your baby happy on a little time a way however I would say these are the mega essentials. And should hopefully get the two of you off to the smoothest start!

Happy Holidays

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