Nora and Me at 3 Months

I cannot believe that my daughter is 3 months old like holy hell my Mum was right, time literally FLIES! Anyway here are six things that I’ve learnt over the past 13 weeks.

  1. Babies develop and grow at a truly alarming rate. At 3 months old Nora now weighs double her birth weight (little chunk) and will now sit up and hold and turn her head. It might not sound like a lot but every time she sits up I burst with pride a little bit more!
  2. Comparing yourself to other Mum’s will never achieve anything and will just make you feel like a horrible human being. Every baby is different do not judge yourself on what works for someone else.
  3. People show their true colours when you go through tough times. Some people stick it out with you and will pop round for a cup of tea and see how you’re doing. Some people seem to slowly back away out of your life. It’s your loss, my kid is AMAZING…said every Mum ever!
  4. Do not google anything that you might think might be wrong with your baby. Just like with adults googling medical symptoms for a baby is truly horrifying. I thought Nora sweated a bit too much, I came away from Google thinking she had a heart condition and wasn’t going to make it through the night. Step away and close the laptop!!
  5. Every time your baby smiles it makes everything completely worth it and you will probably sit for hours trying to make them do it again.
  6. It gets better, the first few weeks are so hard, I just didn’t think we would ever be able to cope and we would never be the same again. But you know what it gets so much better that powering through is totally worth it.

Here’s to the next three months with my little munchkin!

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